Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I actually agree with Frank Luntz

I know, I know, another video! Sorry about that, but it does tie in to what I want to write in this post. Of all the times over the past couple years that I have written about his misguided "polik speak,"(see I do agree with him on this one.

Democrats send way too much time bashing Bush. Its not helping. We know that our positions are shared by more Americans then he values that republicans spout. We have the advantage, yet politicians Like Darcy Burner continue to expose the connection expecting more votes next election season.

How is that going to win over moderate republicans? Simply put, it won't. It hasn't; just look at the 2006 election results. Why is it that the state of Indiana gets three districts to elect a democrat for the first time in over fifty years, yet in a liberal part of the state we still have Reichert as our house representative? They didn't attack Bush, they only stated that they were against the war in Iraq, wanted to raise the minimum wage, create affordable health care, and eliminate political corruption. All of these issues the democrats have the American public's side, yet inept politicians like Burner continue to believe that by simply attacking Bush it will win people over.

It didn't work in 2006, what makes these people think it will work in 2008?

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