Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mr. Cheney, you have become a Dick!

This reminded me of when I read about a study in which the psychological consciousness of a child's developing mind; the rest of the world does not exist outside their own perspective (see Ken Wilbur).

At the age of four children would have a ball with two colors on it. On one side it would be all blue, the other side all red. When the red side was turned toward them then they would remark that the ball was red, if the blue side then it was blue. In no way did they declare that the ball was BOTH blue and red. The most amazing part is that that after a few years the video tape that documented their answers was shown to them. The children didn't acknowledge it was them! They couldn't phantom that they wouldn't be able to see that a ball had two equal colors!

In other words, they had a strong ego- without the ego :).

I swear, if Cheney saw this video he would come up with at typical excuse like, "the world changed after 9-11." That's nothing but bull. A year before this video was aired the World Trade Tower was bombed, by the same type of people. The terrorists wanted to blow it up for over a decade, and then they were successful in their pursuit with the help of the current administration's chosen ignorance.

The world did not change, you Mr. Cheney only woke up the harsh realities of Kissinger's "Real Politik" policies.

Face reality Dick. The invasion of Iraq was the worst policy possible, and the old you would strongly agree.

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