Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Iraq war will end

This is a message to Democrats, such as Brian Baird, who are waning their original opposition to the war in Iraq, by support any minute positive news that will come from the surge.

The Iraq War will ultimately end.

This is not based on the presumption that people will recognize that this is an immoral and un-winnable war. It is based on the fact that troops WILL be pulled out of Iraq within the next couple years is simply because there isn't enough help. Most of the soldiers in Iraq are on their second, third, or worst case third tour.

As John Kerry had explained during the 2004 election, the only option if we choose to continue the fight in Iraq is to create a draft. Yes, a military draft. We have spread our current volunteer soldiers thin, to the point of suicide.

What our soldiers are going through is grinding. Day in and day out they are asked to patrol streets with the risked of having a suicide bomber killing them at moments notice. This isn't just over a span of a year, but over three or four years. They are tough, just not this tough; their endurance has been strained.

Those who want to plead that this is a moral cause and that there is a chance that stability can be restored have to be honest with the American people. The only way that the surge can work is if it is placed at the national level, which would require General Shinseki's original troop level at 300,000. In other words, we need a draft not only to double the current level, but to give a much needed rest to those troops who are already pushed to the breaking point.

This is a moral cause that will require more than politician's support, it would require the support of the American people. It doesn't look like they will continue to support this war. No one wants a draft, and very few want this war to continue.

This is a war that cannot sustain itself. The Iraqi leaders see this reality, but many in D.C. continue to believe that if we delay the inevitable with any glimmer of hope that we can turn things around in Iraq.

Even if there is somehow support for a draft, it doesn't give any guarantee that the Iraqi Parliament will start actually complete one benchmark.

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