Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is anyone paying attention?

Who are these fools?

Don't waste your time reading the article; just look at the picture at the top left corner. Apparently, President Bush has decided that Andy Griffith deserved the Presidental Medal of Freedom. Standing next to him was Jack Nicklous, and Atretha Franklin. Clearly these three people should recieve the same level of praise as Cesar Chavez, Arthur Ashe, Rosa Parks, Aung San Suu Kyi (Bermese human rights activist), and Simon Wiesenthal. I guess if you can play golf really well, have a great singing voice, and play a likeable fictional character on television then you should be considered distingushed in the eyes of the President.

Check out the difference between who Clinton awarded and who Bush awarded:

Now, this award is just not for starting an illegal war, as in the case with Powell, Rice, and Tenant recieving it a few years ago. It is also given to citizens who sacrafice fame to strive towards common goodwill. I mean, wasn't Dr. Huxtable one of the many phsyicans who helped out Jonas Salk create the polo vaccine?

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