Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To the point

With the whole Howard Dean "fiasco" far behind us we need to realize that the republican party is not in the position to put a presidential candidate that speaks the wishes of the masses (or as I like to say more figuratively, the hoi polloi. Their objective is not to put a great candidate up against a democrat in 2008, it is to find the democrat's weakest link and exploit it to the nth degree.

I found a good post that makes the case for Obama using this same logical fame work. Quite clearly it states,

Obama is more important than just the best Democrat. He is the best PERSON for our country.
The post isn't well written at all, but it is to the point. Quite clearly, it brings up a salon article that even in Frank Luntz poll testing, that republicans are likely to vote for Obama, while other democrats get no support whatsoever. This is incredibly important considering that the Iraq war is probably the issue that will garner the most amount of unity among voters. All the republicans are for it, while most of the public is against it.

The same overzealous, and non sequential, attacks on Dean share an eerie similarity to the repeated, and failed, attacks on Obama. The republicans want it, so they are trying their hardest to create a feud between Clinton and Obama, hoping in the process to taint the clean image of Obama.

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