Saturday, August 18, 2007

One man stands in my way!

His name is Emilio Estavez
I don't hate the man, its just that I would like him to stop being so proud of his heritage, and instead be a corporate sellout like his father and older brother.

My intentions are pretty obvious, he has a similar sounding name as I do. Yes, he is more famous. But, none of these points a good enough to convince me. I deserve the freedom to make a name for myself. No longer does one hear my name and think of him. I deserve more of the public eye, after all I do have a P.I. Who do you know has one?

Emilio, don't be afraid, keeping this name is probably more of a hindrance to your career. Prince changed his name several times, and he is more popular than ever. You can do it! You just need a like encouragement and guidance.

Actually, I have already thought of a new name for you. What about Kareem McQueen Sheen?

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