Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ron Paul is a fraud

I think he is full of shit.

Why you may ask? Well, first of all he says he strictly interprets the constitution, yet he doesn't feel that it is necessary to repeal the enormous presidential powers that Bush has created. The three pillars of governance that the Federalist papers spells out in number 48. As James Madison wrote, "the danger from legislative usurpations, which, by assembling all power in the same hands, must lead to the same tyranny as is threatened by executive usurpations."

The whole net roots campaign that the media tells us is complete bullshit. He has raised little money; all that has resulted is a group of probably a dozen people innadating You-Tube with a tons of comments. Most of which are, I might add, annoying.

The only reason that people will listen to him is that he understands,and willing to admit, to the blatant social/economic consequences of the Iraq war.

The main problem with his stance in Iraq is that it is the same of the Republican party eighty years ago. The same party that didn't want to fight in WWII.

He is nothing more than an isolationist, which is just as bad as these pro-war chicken hawks. On the Issue of Darfur, he doesn't feel that we should help them. So, an issue like genocide isn't important enough cause to stop!?!

Once his actual views gain light, a lot of sane people will recognize that he is nothing more than a free-market zealot, who wants to isolate our country and its responsibility to the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Wow. You've done zero research. Paul has said many times that he will reverse Bush's executive orders, abolish the patriot act, etc.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of Darfur. Are you in the military? If not, then why? You could go to Darfur.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, the only thing you got correct is Darfur, but I guess a stopped clock can be right twice a day.
This is a link to Ron Paul on Executive Orders he would repeal.

It would be appreciated that you actually admit you were wrong, but I won't hold my breath.

Tell ya what I am going to do. This is where you can get any information about Rep. Ron Paul you chose.

Try this with any other candidate.

BTW, pretending to be a guy is amusing. Grow an Adams Apple.

Anonymous said...

"The same party that didn't want to fight in WWII."

Umm... FDR won on the platform "He kept us out the war" when he was relected. It wasnt just the Republicans.