Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reponse to Anonymous Ron Paul Fanatic

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Anonymous said...

Wow. You've done zero research. Paul has said many times that he will reverse Bush's executive orders, abolish the patriot act, etc.

August 22, 2007 10:02 PM


I agree, I wrote something stupid, which I do most of the time, and posted totally incorrect facts. Thanks for pointing it out. I am a wee bit less stupid than I was yesterday thanks to you.

What I do find troubling is his interpretation of state rights, and the role that the constitution plays in it.

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Anonymous said...

And speaking of Darfur. Are you in the military? If not, then why? You could go to Darfur.

August 22, 2007 10:04 PM

Please, don't use any vague and moronic threats to me (Or to anyone for that matter!).

Also, if I were in the military (how did you know?), I don't think that I would have any option of fight injustice ever I saw fit. I would be the voiceless tool of the government, stuck with the hope that what orders I took from my superior officers was the correct action. Just tell that to Pat Tillman's family.

Now, if I was Rambo, then I would be kicking ass and taking names in Africa.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, the only thing you got correct is Darfur, but I guess a stopped clock can be right twice a day. This is a link to Ron Paul on Executive Orders he would repeal. It would be appreciated that you actually admit you were wrong, but I won't hold my breath. Tell ya what I am

going to do. This is where you can get any information about Rep. Ron Paul you chose. Try this with any other candidate. BTW, pretending to be a guy is amusing. Grow an Adams Apple.

August 23, 2007 12:43 AM

Hey, I worked hard to afford enough money to pay for my degree at St. Regis. I graduated in the same class that consists of 150 federal employees!

And, look at this picture! My Adam's apple isn't robust as those tough and intimating wrinkled old men, but it's there. This truly proves that I am not only a man, but a macho man at that!

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Anonymous said...

"The same party that didn't want to fight in WWII."

Umm... FDR won on the platform "He kept us out the war" when he was relected. It wasnt just the Republicans.

August 23, 2007 1:43 AM

This just makes me laugh. First you criticize me for being totally off-base with my comment on Ron Paul; I got the scorn I deserved. Well, you could've looked smart on this little debate, but you wrote that! FDR didn't say that! It was Woodrow Wilson during WWI. And, that same man said those words before his second term in order to hold off Ron Paul's main man's (Taft) criticism of the democrats rushing to war. Wilson then sent troops over to Europe to fight in WWI after he was elected to a second term.

FDR was fighting against the republicans, so much so, that he sidestepped constitutional law in an attempt to stop genocide. The responsibility of the failure to respond quickly was NOT shared by both parties.

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